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The Power 10 Protector Plus IncomeSM Index Annuity is a retirement savings vehicle that combines upside potential with the guaranteed protection of a traditional fixed annuity. It can help clients grow and protect their principal through index interest crediting strategies and a 4% premium enhancement.1 Plus, with the Lifetime Income Plus® guaranteed living benefit rider, which is automatically included with Power 10 Protector Plus Income for an annual fee of 0.95%, clients can guarantee rising income for the first 10 contract years! Keep in mind that withdrawals must be taken within the terms of the rider.

The following is a hypothetical illustration of how Lifetime Income Plus can work. As you can see below, a client’s retirement income could grow from $7,020 to $7,540 over 10 years, even after withdrawals begin!

Retirement Income Is Guaranteed to Rise and Last for Life2

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Power 10 Protector Plus Lifetime Income Annuity
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